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Vibration Monitoring

Many construction activities associated with building and infrastructure construction involve vibration inducing activities (pile driving, demolition, and heavy equipment traffic).  Often through a combination of proactive contractors and concerned project owners, vibration monitoring services are being performed as part of the project scope.

A well designed vibration monitoring program often includes a physical survey of the cosmetic condition of surrounding structures such as bridges, buildings and utilities.  Photographs and notes taken as part of these surveys provide excellent documentation to avoid or successfully defend baseless damage claims filed by adjacent property owners.  This survey combined with measurements of ground vibration (peak particle velocity and frequency) with a seismic both before and during construction can avoid damage or nuisance claims by allowing the contractor to adjust construction methods if necessary.

It is important to select vibration monitoring specifications that appropriately match construction induced vibrations and are not copied from a mine blasting specification.  The type, age and proximity of adjacent structures are also important considerations when selecting appropriate vibration limits.  

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