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FTC Featured Project - the Paseo Bridge Project

Paseo Bridge Project

FTC has provided dynamic pile testing services for steel H-pile and square pre-cast concrete pile for Paseo Corridor Constructions on the Paseo Bridge Project also known as kcICON.  This project involves the replacement of the existing Paseo bridge and the reconstruction or addition of numerous approach bridges at part of the $245 million design build effort.  FTC utilized a wireless PDA system for data collection which reduced the time required for each dynamic pile test.

FTC’s involvement is this project was included in article that was part of the Kansas City Business Journal’s Engineer’s Week Supplement published in February 2009.  In that article, Mr. Todd Owens, Structures Manager for Clarkson Construction (part of Paseo Corridor Constructors) stated “What was important to us was not only a consultant that understood the theory behind the equipment and the process, but was able to quickly and effectively interpret the data in the field using good engineering judgment. FTC exceeded our expectations in this regard, allowing us to be more productive in our pile driving operations.”

FTC Featured Project - Amelia Earhart Project

Amelia Earhart Memorial Bridge Replacement Project – Atchison Kansas

Amelia Earhart ProjectArcher-Western of Chicago, Illinois selected FTC to provide cross-hole sonic logging testing services for the Amelia Earhart Bridge Replacement project.  FTC tested 36 large diameter drilled shafts on the Missouri River for this project.  The new bridge will carry 4 lanes of traffic on US-59 over the Missouri River. The original 2-lane bridge that will be replaced was completed in 1938.

FTC Featured Project - I-64 Retrofit Project

I-64 Seismic Retrofit Project – St. Louis, Missouri

FTC is currently providing the drilled shaft testing for the seismic retrofit/upgrade of the I-64/40 project commonly referred to as the Poplar Street Bridge.   The project is located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri and is adjacent to the new Busch Stadium, home to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.  FTC’s scope of services includes camera observation for drilled shaft excavations and CSL testing of completed drilled shafts for KCI Construction Company.