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Cross-hole Sonic Logging

Experience counts when providing important  foundation testing services such as cross-hole sonic logging where qualitative judgment must often be applied.  FTC’s lead engineer is Casey Jones, P.E., P.G., one of the region’s most experienced consultants for cross-hole sonic logging (CSL) testing services.  Jones has over 22 years experience in geotechnical engineering design and construction and has been involved with testing over 2,100 drilled shafts in the last 9 years.

As an engineer with experience in design and construction of drilled shafts, Jones understands the various implications that CSL results have and is able to effectively coordinate with the project owner, project engineer and contractor.  We are committed to promotion of the technical advancement of testing services through our engineer’s membership in the American Society of Civil Engineers, a technical affiliate member of the Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors and a member of the Deep Foundation Institute’s committee for Testing and Evaluation

FTC’s services are focused on foundation testing and evaluation.  Since we only offer drilling services through referrals to our preferred providers (we do not earn our money from coring shafts) you can be assured of our objectivity and independence when receiving our evaluation reports.

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